Rifts Infinity

Session 1

The Great Pyramid of Mu

The group awoke in a square, stone room. There were only two of them now, Francis the Crazy and Uma the Juicer. Their other companions had disappeared: Balf the Ley Line Walker, the Cyberknight Galahad, and Icepick the Dragon were nowhere in sight.

As they slowly regained consciousness, the two companions took in more of their surroundings. There was another present: a True Atlantean named Bruttalis Curth’maal. He appeared to have been caught in the same teleportation spell that was cast at the adventurers. Just who cast this spell, and why, remained a mystery. The new trio’s first priority was to discover where they were, and how they could escape.

The walls of the room were made of large, hewn, stone blocks. They were cool to the touch, cool and damp. On one wall the masonry formed a ring from floor to ceiling; on the opposite wall was carved a series of strange glyphs. The walls, the blocks, the glyphs, even the air in the room itself, felt ancient, felt older than anything else on Earth.

In a corner of the room lay a skeleton, its clothes, and equipment. A closer examination of this skeleton revealed that it was an treasure hunter from the Twentieth Century. The notes and maps she carried indicated that the group was now somewhere inside the Great Pyramid of Mu.

Mu was a sister continent to Atlantis which disappeared beneath the Pacific Ocean millenia ago. According to the notes the treasure hunter carried the pyramid was constructed as a tomb for the last, and most powerful, of the Godkings of Mu. The author was hired by a wealthy art dealer to find the pyramid, enter it, and claim any valuable artifacts it still contained.

After much intensive research, the treasure hunter believed she located the pyramid: on the ocean floor, many kilometers off the coast of Easter Island, under thousands of feet of water. Using a mini-sub, and a deep-sea diving suit, she was able to find and enter the pyramid. This pyramid, however, was to become her own tomb as well.

The rest of her notes included a key to deciphering some of the glyphs on the wall. Bruttalis, Francis, and Uma spoke the word spelled out by the glyphs and the wall noisily slid upwards…



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