Bruttalis Curth'maal a.k.a. Brett

Powerful Undead Slayer - covered in tattoos


Alignment – Scrupulous (Good) Values life and freedom, like a cop who plays by his own rules

AGE: 300
Height: 6’5
Appearance: He looks 40 years old, but is actually 300. He has a black mustache, a crew cut and covered in tattoos. 180 pounds, 6’2, all muscle.
Personality: Wants vengeance for his parents death. Extremely lawful, tries very hard not to break local laws in the open, but will try to find ways around them.
Racial Traits: Considered a super natural being, looks exactly like a human, just taller and more the ideal of Grecian beauty in physique.

I.Q. 17
M.E. 22
M.A. 19 / 55% trust / intimidate
P.S. 39 / 22 damage with hand to hand SDC unless special tattoo used, for balance dagger
P.P. 12
P.E. 23
2 / +16% save vs. coma/death
P.B. 21 / 55% charm / impress
Spd. 26

Saves: +3 save vs. psychic attack/insanity, +9 save vs. magic / poison, +8 save vs. horror factor,

MDC: still needs to be calculated
Horror Factor: 14
PPE Base: 100 (+10 per level gained) add 6 for each tattoo
SDC: 48

Hand to Hand: Martial Arts Level 4 (all calculated in combat info)
Combat Info
melees: 6
pull/roll with punch, fall or impact: +9
parry: +6
dodge: +6
Strike melee: +2
+11 damage with hand to hand SDC unless special tattoo used to make it MDC



The True Atlantean’s Skills

OCC Skills all pluses in parenthesis indicate increase when leveled up

Radio: Basic 78% (5)
Languages & Literacy: Dragonese/Elf, American and Greek at 98%
Languages: Speaks/understands Techno-can 88% (
Languages: Speaks/understands Euro 88% (5)
Languages: Speaks/understands Spanish 88% (
Basic Math 88% (5)
Intelligence 57% (
Tracking 63% (5)
Wilderness Survival 66% (
Lore: Demons & Monsters 58% (5)
Lore: Faerie 58% (
Swimming 78% (+5%)
W.P. Archery & Targeting
W.P. Knife
W.P. Sword
W.P. Energy Pistol
W.P. Energy Rifle
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts

OCC related Skills 3 additional skills at level 4, 8 and 12 – new skills start at level 1 prof.
Pick 4 at level 4 and 3 at level 1

Starting skills:
Prowl 48% (5)
Streetwise 48% (
Detect Concealment 58% (5)
Demolitions Disposal 85% (

Skills gained at level 4:
Demolitions 70% (3)
Land Navigation 41% (
Dance 30% (+5)

Secondary Skills

Body Building & Weight Lifting
Climbing 63% (5) / repelling 53% (5)
Pilot Related: Weapons Systems 63% (+5)

Magic Tattoos – Atlantean + Tri-Fang Monster


A fourth generation Atlantean. Part of the Curth’maal clan of protectors and inter-dimensional travelers. He was an only son to two parents who trained him all of his skills and told him about the world. He was trained as a vampire hunter, but changed his focus 250 years ago when his parents were murdered by a mysterious group of men in strange black armor.

He tried to work with the Atlantean council, but they were too slow to make decisions and often would err on the side of safety. Now, like Batman, he faces injustice and evil doers at night wearing reinforced armor and a mask. He used to have a home base in a hidden dimension, but the Splugorth found it and destroyed it. Now, in Atlantis, he seeks his parents’ killers and to find out how the Splugorth found his secret base.

He had run-ins with Vampire Intelligences and multi-dimensional aliens. At one point he was imprisoned in a fourth dimensional chamber and was told he became part of the immune system of an alien bird flying alone through space. In reality he was being held in a stasis chamber by the Splugorth. Powerful mages held him in a trance so that he could be presented as a challenge for inter-dimensional hunters. Luckily, Atlanteans are very mentally resilient and very good escape artists. Brett escaped mostly unhurt, but he still questions and tests reality around him. (A little bit like the main character of Inception.)

Bruttalis Curth'maal a.k.a. Brett

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